PowerWall Installation in Progress

At my solar & powerwall info site Ulmo.Solar I uploaded some in-progress installation photographs of SolarCity installing the Tesla PowerWall system at Index of /tesla/energy/powerwall/installation_in_progress/. Please note that this was before labeling and final, so I will have to go edit and publish the final photographs when I get time. Also please note that although the above installation is very simple, some clarifications could help those who are in a hurry so they don't have to trace everything. I have a flu now; that's not happening today. Note that the following capabilities and pieces are not used and abandoned:

This information should answer a few questions some people asked me, both in public and in private. Sorry that I can't break it down today to make it easier.

Some initial comments: I'm annoyed they used a 200 amp capable gateway and only put in 100 amp wires and breaker; they ought to have used the full 200 amps. There's a breaker there available; I presume they just didn't have the right wire on the truck. If I had selected "whole home backup", they probably would have made an easier installation and left the existing 200 amp connection. When Tesla HPWC, cars, and backup gateways communicate to coordinate with each other, I may specify that they do so, and that also depends on my major appliances and what I decide to do with them.